Tree nursery Jeroen Scholten b.v. is specialized in cultivating different kinds of visually appealing container plants. There for we have 16.000 m2 greenhouses and about 25.000 m2 container fields.

On this webpage you will find a part of our extensive assortment, that by using modern cultivating techniques is established. On request we can also increase plants from our range for you. We are affiliated with the MPS (Floriculture Environmental Program).

For more inforamtion, for example about fast deliveries, please contact us. Our company is easily accessible from the A1, exit Deurningen. You are always welcome.


Boomkwekerij Jeroen Scholten b.v.
Bornsedijk 2a
7561 RA  Deurningen
Tel: +31-(0)74-2770915
Fax: +31 (0)74-2770825
Mobiel: 06 53299576
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